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 Welcome to MACROSS

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PostSubject: Welcome to MACROSS   Welcome to MACROSS I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 12, 2009 9:29 am

Hello and welcome to the MACROSS guild forum.
Welcome to MACROSS M1816510


Our Guild was founded by a group of people who have traveled from different guilds together since the summer of 2008. After months of traveling together and being nomadic going from guild to guild together we decided to rebuild what we began almost a year ago and in hope to one day return to our former ways and glory. We grew tired of guilds and their drama or jus the way they were handled so we came to the conclusion that we have to make our own guild to get what we want, and since January of 2009 the band offriends has been together and have picked up new members along the way with the name MACROSS over their heads. We're a very guild oriented group of people though we dont discourage anyone from not running or bringing people to guild events/runs when we have them. We try to not be a one track minded guild being open to suggestions and questions to help the guild grow as a family/team.

We are a guild that likes to consider itself private as we like to either hand pick our members with invites or screen the people we do have apply at the stone. We Hold private and soon public guild events. We're not a pvp guild so dont expect us to raid or anything, if you love pvp thats all you... we do it sometimes for fun but for the most part we prefer to do guild runs and or jus sit around and congregate. We try to encourage all members to work and build up their characters to their individualistc wants and support them in anyway we can wheater it be just advice or to the point of helping you hunt for items and so forth. We're a very close knit group of people but not only focused on the guild and its goals, we also strive to help our friends and have fun while doing it. If you wish like what you hear please feel free to apply.

Kyancross Guild Leader.
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Welcome to MACROSS
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